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Provider Videos

Ped-I-Care is producing a series of training videos for our network providers. These videos speak to the most frequently asked questions we receive from providers, and they’re designed to quickly show how to navigate the various resources and systems available to you. Transcripts accompany each production, for those who wish to reference specific elements from each. NOTE: Internet Explorer is the best browser for viewing the .mp4 videos.

Video 1: Finding the Florida Medicaid Fee Schedules and Handbooks

One of the most frequently asked questions at Ped-I-Care is, “Where do I find the Medicaid fee schedules and handbooks?” In this quick video, we’ll show you how to quickly, specifically navigate the AHCA website to find what you need.

Click here to view the TRANSCRIPT – Where Do I Find the Florida Medicaid Handbooks and Fee Schedules.


Video 2: Providing Services and Requesting Authorizations

This Ped-I-Care produced video covers the basics of requesting authorizations and using resources to ensure efficient processing of the authorization.

Click here to view the TRANSCRIPT – Providing Services and Getting Paid.


Video 3: Staying Compliant

This video is designed to help providers understand how to avoid common mistakes in billing and documentation. A guide to resources is also available.

Click here to view the TRANSCRIPT – Staying Compliant.


Video 4: Preventing Claims Denials

Click here for the TRANSCRIPT – Preventing Claims Denials.