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Concordia Behavioral Health

Title 21 Behavioral Health Provider DirectoryPed-I-Care Contracts with Concordia Behavioral Health

As of November 1, 2015, Concordia Behavioral Health will manage Ped-I-Care’s Title 19 (Medicaid) and Title 21 (CHIP) behavioral health network development, member services, and utilization management for this important category of care. Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Nurse Care Coordinators (NCCs) and social workers in the area offices will still be handling care coordination for members. Concordia has contact information for staff members in each of these offices. The provider phone number for Concordia is (877) 698-7789.

Providers may send their staff rosters to Concordia’s provider email address, which is Click here to access the Concordia provider listing. Concordia’s website is

In a Letter to Primary Care Providers and a Letter to Behavioral Health Care Providers, details of the transition are further explained. Please visit this page in the coming weeks for updates and additional information.