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Cultural & Linguistic Competence

At Ped-I-Care, we care about the services your child receives. Cultural & Linguistic Competence (CLC) is about meeting members’ needs in the right way. We offer training to all our providers on how to best work with each family. We work with you and the CMS Nurse Care Coordinators to make sure you receive help in the language of your choice. We also are able to assist you if you use a TTY. We can provide materials in Braille. We can provide materials in the language you speak. We work to hear, understand, and consider the needs of our members and families. It is our goal to provide outstanding service every time we work with you.

We have a plan and we measure our progress every year. Click here to review the Cultural & Linguistic Competence Plan CMS 2018. We can send this to you in hard copy format if you like. Contact us to request a copy.

County Resource Guides

CMS Plan, Ped-I-Care, and the South Florida Community Care Network offer the County Resources Guide – January 2017 for your review.

A Leader in the Field

Ped-I-Care’s dedication to its members is shown in many ways. Our research on CLC has been presented at regional conferences. Our member satisfaction scores are the highest known scores in the country. They keep getting better. Our providers are happy, too. We work hard to get better at what we do and welcome your feedback on how we may do that.