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Click here for the Summer 2016 member newsletter!

Click here for the Summer 2016 member newsletter!

New Enrollment Packets

When your child is enrolled in a Ped-I-Care program, you will receive a new member packet in the mail. It will include a member ID card, a member handbook, and a provider directory. It will also contain our contact information.

If you need additional materials, please call us at 1-866-376-2456 and we will answer your questions. This is a free call.

Member Identification Cards

The Member ID card is your ticket to accessing the best health care available for your child. When you receive your child’s card, please keep it in a safe place. Take it with you to doctor’s appointments. When you go to the pharmacy, be sure to have your child’s social security number on hand. The pharmacist will use this to validate your child’s coverage. It is not listed on the membership card.

An important feature of the membership card is found in the top middle of the front of the card. There, you will see either “Medicaid” or Title “XIX” listed between the CMS and Ped-I-Care logos. This tells you which program your child is enrolled in. You need this information so that you can access the right member handbook and the right provider directory, which are listed below. Sometimes, Medicaid is called, “Title XIX” or “Title 19.” The CHIP program, or Children’s Health Insurance Program, is also called, “Title XXI” or “Title 21.” From time to time, a child’s membership will switch from one program to another. This happens when there is a change in the family’s income. Your child’s CMS Nurse Care Coordinator (NCC) can help you understand which program your child is enrolled in. Member services representatives at Ped-I-Care can also help you.

Member Handbooks

Each family receives a copy of the Member Handbook when their child enrolls in Ped-I-Care. The handbook is updated on a regular basis; check back for updated versions that you may download at your convenience.

Provider Directories

Each family also receives a copy of the Provider Directory with their enrollment packet. Just like the member handbooks, these are updated regularly. Please call us or download a copy of the latest provider directory if you need one.

Member Newsletters

County Resource Guide

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