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Rights & Responsibilities

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights are what you can expect from our program. Your responsibilities are what you need to do after you join our program.

Your Rights

You can expect to get the following from our program:

  • Be treated well and with respect.
  • Have your child’s health records and personal information kept private. To have any errors corrected.
  • We will only give your child’s information to someone if you let us.
  • An adequate network of health care services for your child.
  • Be able to talk to your health care provider about treatment plans and alternatives.
  • Get a fast and polite answer to your questions.
  • Get information about your child’s health care including treatment options and alternatives.
  • Help you make decisions about your child’s health care plan.
  • Get information about our plan and how we can help you.
  • Tell us about any problems you have. Tell us about something that went wrong.
  • To accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment.

Your Responsibilities

You and your family need to do the following things to be in our program:

  • Give your doctors and nurses the right information about your child’s health.
  • Tell the doctor and nurses about any changes in your child.
  • Go see a special doctor only when your PCP doctor has set it up.
  • Go to all your visits at the right time. Call the doctor’s office if you cannot make it to a visit.
  • Always keep your child’s ID card with you and show it when you go to the doctor.
  • Tell us if your address or telephone number changes.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders. If you cannot, then ask your PCP for a new way that you or your child can get healthy.
  • Call your doctor or nurse by the next day if you go to the ER.