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What is Ped-I-Care?

Ped-I-Care is a program. It is for children with special health care needs. Their families qualify by income. It was developed to meet all the members’ needs. It has plenty of doctors to choose from. We are focused on each member having a medical home. We work to offer well-coordinated, high-quality care.

How do I enroll in Ped-I-Care?
Members are enrolled through Florida KidCare. They are approved by Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan (CMS Plan).

If my child is assigned to Ped-I-Care is he/she still enrolled in CMS Plan?
Yes. Ped-I-Care is under contract to CMS Plan.

Can I use this insurance outside the state of Florida?
n an emergency, we will cover out-of-state emergency room visits. Occasionally, we may cover an out-of-state provider if it’s medically necessary.

Does this insurance cover emergency visits?
Yes. Ped-I-Care covers all emergency room visits.

Do all services require referral/authorization?
No. Only some services require this. Please see your member handbook for a list.

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