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Quality Improvement Program

Ped-I-Care works to make sure your child gets the best care possible. We get help from many doctors, nurses, and therapists. Some are in private practice. Some are at Florida colleges. We watch out for our members. When we find areas they need to improve, we tell them. Our goal is to help doctors give the best care possible.

We visit providers at least once every three years. We look at medical records. We make sure our members get quality care. We look to see if our members get their check-ups. We check to see if the patients’ shots are up-to-date. Follow-up care is important and we make sure it was done. We also look at the office. The waiting and exam areas must be safe for children. We then give a report to the office. We thank them for taking care of our members and point out things we think can be better.

We look at member and provider complaints. We offer ideas on how to resolve the issues or concerns. If you would like more information, call Member Services at 1-866-376-2456. This is a free call. They can tell you more about our health plan and how it works.


Health Plan Performance

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