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Covered Services

Your child’s Ped-I-Care services are designed to cover everything your child may need that is medically necessary. Our goal is to have a medical home for each child, and to have well-coordinated care. We work to communicate with families in the best way possible, and to offer choices in health care decisions. We are committed to providing the highest quality health care coverage with the most appropriate solutions. You Member Handbook tells you all about the services that are covered for your child. Examples of covered services are check-ups, dental visits, specialty visits, and transportation. There are more services that are covered.

To see all covered services, review your Member Handbook:

Pharmacy Information for Ped-I-Care Members

Program Benefits Manager Phone
Title 19 (Medicaid) Magellan 800-603-1714

(Fax: 800-424-5714)

Title 21 (CHIP) MedImpact 800-788-2949