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Ped-I-Care is a program which administers health insurance plan benefits. We are part of The University of Florida. We work under contract to Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan (CMS Plan). We CMS Plan Member Newsletter - Summer 2016serve children with special health care needs (CSHCN). Some are part of our Title 19 (Medicaid) program. Some are part of our Title 21 (CHIP) program. Ped-I-Care is set up to cover 51 of Florida’s 67 counties. Our goal is to be the top Florida health plan for this group. We work to provide high-quality care. We work with doctors and nurses. Our services help your children. They also save money. Your children’s health is the focus of all we do.

Translation services are available for members. Additionally, written materials may be provided in various languages. Braille and audio services are available when necessary.

Who is CMS Plan?

CMS Plan is Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan. It is part of the Florida Department of Health (DOH). It offers family-centered programs for CSHCN. Dr. Gerold Schiebler is considered the founder and organizer of CMS. He is part of Ped-I-Care’s Advisory Board.

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Main Line: (352) 627-9100 • Toll-Free: (866) 376-2456