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Hurricane Preparedness for Providers

Published: August 26th, 2016

Category: Front Page News

With the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes this season, providers are reminded to have a plan in place for inclement weather which could affect business operations.

Suggestions and reminders include:

  1. Backup and secure patient and business data frequently
  2. Have a communications plan in place in the event that offices must close
  3. Remind patients to:
  • Promptly refill medications and keep them on hand;
  • Keep bottled water available in the event power is interrupted;
  • Have an evacuation plan; and
  • Speak with CMS Plan Nurse Care Coordinators regarding care for children whose health care is dependent on availability of electricity and running water.

While hurricanes and inclement weather cannot be controlled, proactive planning will allow for the greatest protection and swiftest recovery should disaster strike. Stay informed of news and weather updates and be ready to respond to emergency calls from patients and families.