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Important Provider Notice: Medicaid Registration Dates

Published: July 21st, 2015

Category: Front Page News

Florida Medicaid Health Care Alert – July 2015

The Agency for Health Care Administration has directed the Medicaid fiscal agent, HP Enterprises, LLC, to set the effective date for newly-registered providers to the date the registration is received, in keeping with 409.907, F.S. The change is effective for registrations received after July 1, 2015. This is applicable to Provider Type(s): 70.

The previous exception to effective dates which allowed the effective date for newly-registered providers to be one year prior to receipt of the registration is sunset. This exception was enforced throughout the implementation of Statewide Medicaid Managed Care to support the rapid development of health plan networks which required the assignment of Medicaid IDs to many providers.

This action is taken with consideration for health plans who may contract with a provider who supplies services to Medicaid eligible recipients prior to registering with Medicaid. On a case-by-case basis, health plans can submit a written request for consideration of an effective date equal to the first date of service. The request should be included with the registration form

when submitted to the Medicaid fiscal agent. The request will be reviewed by Agency staff who will instruct the fiscal agent when an exception to the date of receipt effective date rule will be granted.

If plans have any questions regarding this message, please contact the Provider Enrollment Contact Center at 1-877-289-7799, Option 4 for assistance.