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Check-Ups Are Important!

Published: April 15th, 2014

Category: Front Page News

Photo credit: CDC/Amanda Mills. Used with permission.

All children need check-ups. These are called well child checks. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to schedule these. If your child sees lots of doctors it can be even more difficult to remember.

Ped-I-Care covers check-ups. At a check-up, your child’s main doctor spends extra time on things that aren’t part of their specialty visits. They get the big picture of your child’s health in a check-up visit. They can help manage your child’s total health.

Your child should have regular check-ups, even during their teenage years. Does your child need one? Please call your child’s main doctor (Primary Care Provider, or PCP) to schedule a well child check. You can ask your CMS Nurse Care Coordinator to help you with this as well.